Quitting Smoking is Hard

Quitting Smoking is Hard – But You CAN do this!

Nicotine is a very addictive drug and smoking cigarettes makes us feel really good.  Let’s face it, if smoking made us feel bad, no one would smoke!  Certainly the cost alone would be a deterrent. Never-mind the health risks. But once we are addicted it can be really difficult to quit.  Nicotine stimulates our brain to release a “feel good” chemical called dopamine that gives us that sensation of relaxation.  Or what I refer to as that “Ahhh” moment of calm that comes a few seconds after a drag of a cigarette. Our body gets addicted to this artificial stimulus of dopamine release and that’s what creates the intense craving for a cigarette. So its no surprise that the average smoker makes at least 7 attempts at quitting. Its a very real addiction but it is one that YOU CAN BREAK!

Smoke Remedy can help your body interrupt this unnatural pattern of craving nicotine and tobacco, and the cravings will then stop so you can quit for good. Yes, you CAN do it this time!

Try Quitting Smoking Again. Instantly Save $20 on Smoke Remedy.

Smoke Remedy Benefits

  • Relieves cigarette cravings and urge to smoke
  • Lets you quit at your own pace since you can still smoke as cravings decrease
  • No Nicotine, No taste, No Side Effects
  • Safe to take with medications
  • FDA regulated natural ingredients
  • Eases withdrawal symptoms, including irritability, anxiety, nervousness and difficulty sleeping

“I finally broke down bought your Smoke Remedy, another waste of money I thought. 

I was coming upon the last 1/4-inch of the bottle, looking forward to getting 100% of my money back, when Nov-13th 2011, I woke up… cigarettes, lighter, ashtray all sitting right there, and I looked over picked it all up and carried out of my bedroom not wanting any of it. My roommate laughed, and said I’d better keep it cause I always go back to smoking, how long will it last this time?

Today is May-11, 2014 and I’ve never even wanted a cigarette, or any form of nicotine ever again. I honestly thought I’d die a smoker with no hope of ever quitting, what you did for me was beyond word of Thank You. What you are doing is changing people’s lives for the best! Thank You for giving me a chance to live.”


Try Quitting Smoking Again. Instantly Save $20 on Smoke Remedy.