Free of No Side Effects No Nicotine No Alcohol No Gluten No Diary No Egg No Yeast No Soy
Contains Artificial Coloring Not Vegan Done Animal Testing Artificial Ingredients

Smoke Remedy®

Smoke Remedy Helps You Quit Smoking, Naturally

Smoke Remedy helps you kick your smoking habit for good. It is a gentle and safe remedy originating from plants, minerals, and other natural sources. Smoke Remedy has no nicotine or other toxic substances. Its all-natural blend of homeopathic ingredients eliminates cigarette cravings and your desire to smoke, so you can finally quit! Smoke Remedy is an easy-to-use spray with no taste, no side effects, and no interactions with medications.

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Smoke Remedy Benefits

  • Relieves cigarette cravings
  • Eases withdrawal symptoms, including irritability, anxiety, nervousness, and difficulty sleeping
  • Lets you quit at your own pace
  • Safe to use even if you smoke a cigarette, unlike other quit-smoking aids
  • No nicotine, no taste
  • Safe and gentle; you can use Smoke Remedy as often as you need without worrying about side effects