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D-Tox Remedy™ for Smokers and Ex-Smokers

Natural Nicotine Cleanse for Smokers

The Faster You Heal and Detox, the Better You Will Feel

Every cigarette you smoke floods your body with a deadly mix of 7,000 chemicals. Hundreds are toxic. About 70 can cause cancer. These toxins can accumulate in your organs, tissues, and throughout your body and continue to cause damage and disease. That is why smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, and the list of deadly diseases caused by smoking continues to grow each year. So whether you’re still smoking, trying to quit, or recently quit, it’s also important to help your body recover and detoxify from the damage caused by smoking. D-Tox Remedy is specifically designed to help loosen and relieve accumulated toxins from the throat, larynx, nose, lungs, kidneys, liver, blood, intestinal and lymphatic systems.*

D-Tox Remedy is unique because it uses all natural homeopathic medicines, that are non-toxic, extremely gentle and safe, have no side effects, no taste, and do not interfere with any medicines you may be taking.

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How To Detox From Smoking

  • Helps your body recover and repair from the damage caused by smoking*
  • Helps loosen and relieve congestion, mucous, and accumulated toxins from years of smoking*
  • 100% natural FDA regulated homeopathic ingredients
  • Absolutely NO side effects
  • Safe to take with medications
  • Safe to take with medical conditions
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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